The AF6 programme is hosted on our market leading LMS system, where all the content and videos are held within easy to understand bitesize sections.

The technique section lasts around 4 hours and has been authored by professionals involved with the examining of AF6.

1. Understanding your Assignment
2. The basics
3. Structure
4. Knowledge & Understanding
5. Application & analysis (Technical Assignments)
6. Application & analysis (Non Technical Assignments)

In addition to the technique support, there is also technical support in terms of personal taxation and retirement planning. The technical support programme is circa 8 hours of bitesize technical videos in order to refresh and enhance your technical knowledge applicable to your assignment. Some of the technical areas covered are:

1. Supervision in a Regulatory Context
2. Supervision Principles & Practices – Part 1
3. Supervision Principles & Practices – Part 2
4. Evaluating Supervision principles & practice
5. Senior management competency and governance of competency arrangements
6. Leadership & culture in a regulated environment

Once purchased, you will receive an enrolment key to access the system immeadiatley, so you can start work straight away.

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